And Not The……..

Habits only die
When you breathe your last breath
And soldiers only kill when bullets become words
I can’t figure out why when
I feel happy
I still want to die inside
Every time I finish doing
Something that makes
Me feel proud
I immediately want
Something bad
Old habit die hard
And old soldiers just die
Self doubt wants to rule my world
In my quest to find peace
I still want that piece to……..
Or for me to lose that meaning
So those will fade
To be a man in airs
And not the old

8 thoughts on “And Not The……..

    1. I’ve always thought I’m quite a private person but went on twitter to try and shove myself out there a bit more. It’s fine. I’ve had a troll or whatever they call it once and had to block, that’s not nice, but other than that it’s a great way of being online and seeing others’ work, as you get all these followers, some you don’t have interest in and some you do – mostly I find you do – which is great!

  1. It’s all Greek to me
    I started two years ago on WordPress
    I’ve been happy with it
    All that other stuff seems way to much for me
    It has taken me places I thought I could never go
    Well I’ll be seeing you

  2. It’s not easy separating from pain when it’s become so familiar — that crushing, defeated feeling fills an empty space. Wonderful, sad, and so genuine are your words.

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