Some people haven’t a filter
They will say or do anything
They just don’t care about the out
come. Their is an under lying agenda
The world would be a better place……..
But as the world turns so does its young,
It’s people. Either with an axe to grind
Or ready to defend. Life is to complicated and peace amongst  us is at an all time high. What used to be simple,is no longer a solution. Problems are as common as the cold. It’s not all
Bleak it’s just getting harder…….
To find the peace within

12 thoughts on “Anti/Social

  1. Your poem speaks volume; especially where you say that one needs to find peace within. People who say anything, without any consideration, want to create havoc in others as they are experiencing within. You’re very wise, Sheldon. I wish wisdom in more people, as well.

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