As Life Turns

Precious is the life we live
We forget to stop
and take it in
Happiness comes
in a fleeting moment
Most forget….
I know we are suppose
to stop
But once picked
How easily we
Forget about the rose
I found out the other day that a close
Friends daughter has terminal cancer
She is only 43
This has pain me ever since I heard

25 thoughts on “As Life Turns

    1. Joseph I’ve been thinking about you
      I’ve got this idea for a math problem
      Now let me see if I can explain it rite
      You have a bottle of aspirin
      It’s 250 to a bottle
      You only take half a table at a time
      But every time you need to take an aspirin
      You get a whole one not a half
      Now to me that sounds like a probability
      I thought that mite be a good one for you
      Let me know

  1. You have my condolences, my friend. (Last night my ex-wife’s husband died of as-of-yet unknown causes . . . my two children were present, my son actually attempting to help revived him.) Life is filled with tragedy; the laughter comes in between as an unexpected blessing. All the best to you.

  2. Life’s unfair and fragile. I’m so sorry. We are so powerless when such things comes to our knowledge. I want everyone to be well and happy forever, but that’s not for me to decide. Take care 🙂

  3. In life it’s not just someone else’s pain
    It’s your pain too
    Just as death
    Is your death also
    The weigh has taken a toll
    I am walking hunch over
    Trying to stand up straight

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