Aunt Dorothy

I can remember

oh so many times

but one very special


How a little boy

once said to

Auntie would you

marry me

Now that Auntie

is gone

time has begun

to take

I think what

Auntie meant

to me

how she

took my world

gave its form and shape

She taught me how to


Now you may say

how can this be

to teach one

If you give

enough food for

thought, trust me

You will begin to


Not only will you

eat but you’ll

starve yourself

till the next

time you will see

her just so you’ll

have her to think

No it didn’t stop

just with thinking

Auntie gave me the


WoW, gave you the

world you say

Yes she gave me

what she thought

I could see as the

world to stop and make

us both think

She not only taught

me but I believe

when she spoke

it was also to

inspire her  to

also think

Most have one or two

but I had the all of

My Auntie

She gave me more than

anyone else

Because to sit with her

was not only a blessing

it was my opening to a


I will never forget

It was my world

to Think

11 thoughts on “Aunt Dorothy

  1. Aunties are always the best at nurturing and opening worlds to young minds that tend to be different from the way we live, variety in personality is always eye opening and good.

  2. A very special relationship, and nourishing even years after her passing, I should hope.

    I should also hope that my daughter could say something like this of me after I go — and we never know when that will be, do we?

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