Band aids


Hand grenades & band aids

Bullets over head,one minute

Silence,the next all hell breaks

loose,the unknown enemy

W/0 a face ,an attitude

That they are out to get you

Closely resembles paranoid

Popsicle sticks and chewing

Gum,even paper clips,its

A repeat of what yesterday

looked like & what

Tomorrow could be

It’s uncertainty at its finest

People living in nuclear

Reactor,they are throwing

Stones and aiming for the

Windows,man verses man

A home is what it should

Be,commercials selling

Food that could be made with

Just adding water,and

how you may survive after

the bomb explodes

Hell is in a hand basket

Bending to kiss your

Ass goodbye, not

Long for this world

The life is now penny

Candy,in shinny jars

it’s leftovers and

flat beer,abuse is

The new 4 four letter

word,a good nite sleep

Is now once upon a dream


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