5 thoughts on “BB King

  1. I’m glad to know they buried him with Lucille. So glad to know she’ll be in his arms rather than languishing in the museum. My dear old Daddy took me to see The Beeb when I was about 13. It was flat-out amazing. In fact, it was the peak experience of my life up until that point. Half of it was about BB, the other half about the rockin’ good time my dad and I were having together, syncopated clapping and bopping in our seats. We were best buddies. We saw Beeb again the next year at the Newport Jazz Festival. I went to see him a third time, but that turned out to be during a rough spot where he sometimes didn’t show up for performances, or started at 3am, and I had to leave. Yep, the old Beebs will b be missed, but I’m sure glad he still has his Lucille.

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