I haven’t been true to my blog

I’ve been dead & riddled with

Pain,I slipped on the stares

And Twisted my bad knee

I’m a disaster waiting to

Happen,I’m going to the Dr

Today,it sucks once again

I’m stuck in the vortex

Of this vacuum again

I’ve been writing to

Divert,not really to

Engage,it’s a sad state

Of affairs but it had

To be,I can’t be a

Zombie Wolf

With the pain meds

So I have been writing

My way towards health

My present has been the

Same going on a year

Next month,I turn

64,sunspots & inkwell

I break it out when I

Get closer,words on

exhibition this museum

Is my platform for my

Pain,so please don’t knock

Me down till you try it

Cause the words you

Write just might be

The pain of your own

My email is on the fritz

Again,I hate being me


9 thoughts on “Be-Jesus

  1. Rock and a hard place, buddy; I don’t envy you, but I do admire the merits of your choice to stay clear-headed in pain, to have and to focus your energies, rather than to sink and drown in a painless sea of medicatedness. Good strength!

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