BL jacket


Everyone stood around and watch

A voice in the back edge them on

A real modern day Roman Gladiator

A fight to the finish

Someone was leaving

With a little less than

They started with at

Least thats what the crowd

Wanted,the smell of

Flesh and blood,just

Watching as though

The tv had lost the

Channel knob,eyes

A bugging,faces gone

Red,no one knew how

It all began,it didn’t matter

Much,just so one man

Would drop

As one man left

just so both hands

Were in his pockets

Don’t forget his

Signature the

Black leather jacket


5 thoughts on “BL jacket

  1. So good, well spoken as so often. Not sure to whom you are alluding though, possibilities endless! , although sounds political to me. I read somewhere that we get the politicians we deserve..mea culpa!

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