Blind Man


My friend and fellow blogger

Sepultura13,is always reblogging my

Work  and I would like to honor for

The kindness that is shared

My friends blog is

Ramon Ramblings; Myriad Musings

Please go and check it out

They had something on their blog

The other day that had reminded

Me I had done something like this

I wrote this quite some time ago

It’s my take on Harry Nilssons

“Everybody’s Talkin At Me”

So without further a do

Alfonso drum roll


You are talkin down to me

Not talkin to me

In a tone I’ve heard

But not from you

Your words are bouncing

Off my walls

Yet nothing seems to stick

We were once friends

Now we are as distant as

The tone I am hearing

Your mind can’t comprehend

The words that are


Out your mouth

All I hear is jealousy

We were players on the same team

Cheering each other on

Now we’re opposing team’s

And winning at all costs

You are talkin at me

Not takin to me

A silence I now understand

We have come to the end

I now know which . …

It’s a lonely road w/0 you

Someone I once considered a friend



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