Broken Toys


A child plays with broken toys

And learns in broken ways

A comforting silence,in words

That are sometimes spoken in

Ways that weren’t meant

For a child’s ears…….

It’s different this home was

Suppose to be safe,but instead

Broken toys were this child

Best friend,why if there

Was a mother would there be

these words,why if there

Was a Fathers hand

Would life not fix

These broken toys

a child sometimes

Lived in ways

That gives life

A whole new


4 thoughts on “Broken Toys

  1. so much sadness in these worlds, although I would applaud a child playing with a hammer and a piece of wood rather than the boring toys they now have that leave little to the imagination.

  2. If broken toys are all that little boy knew, I wonder if he learned to mend? Sometimes from the rubble and the unwanted, we rise above and strengthen the breaks. When we heal, it leaves the battle scars — a testament to others and most importantly, ourselves, that although we tear, we have the power to stop the pain. Your words again soak themselves into the pores of my skin, and I welcome their flow.

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