Brothers, Birds,and Money

The ball was thrown, as the bird flown, once the bird landed, will the ball be thrown again

I sat to write, as the man sat to eat ,when the man is hungry, will he……..

The story was told, just as the child laugh, will there be happiness in the end or will that child laugh

The battle wages on. The two brothers fought,Neither one knows who’s rite. The battle wages once again, the cost were their rites

The blue bird is not the sign of happiness, neither was the dove used for peace, in the end when the gun was shot the birds are dead. The pig eats the trash as we eat the ham, which is called the other white meat, now we call the pig man

The servant serves, the maid was clean, even isn’t a # which was better as its ends

The situation had got worst, the circumstances were`nt the same the bottom line was money isn’t that a shame

6 thoughts on “Brothers, Birds,and Money

  1. Ok I was going through a lot of life changing stuff at the time I wrote this mom died dad died,and my relationship with my brother died, at the time this is what come out of all of that. In time there could be even more, if just give myself some space.Trust this is more to……………
    The Professional Cannon

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