Brown Shoes


I can’t find the words

Though this could

Be considered a


Frozen still

I’m over fed

And under


Too much family

With people

Who really have

Nothing to say

Who ever heard

Of being grateful

And eating a bird

I could see sitting

In contemplation

And reflection

On what path

You are most

Grateful for

But stuff your

face as well

As the bird

Is just plain


As well as




Bah hum fuvk

Thanksgiving my ass

I would of rather had Chinese food

Like we did in days of old

When nothing really seem to matter

Yea we used to go to Chinatown

And have that instead of Turkey

A bunch of us would get together

In protest and go……….


11 thoughts on “Brown Shoes

    1. Or ready to be thawed….come on let me give you a hug….a very small and quick hug….but a hug none the less.

      EAT more turkey it is supposed to help with sleep.

      I knew a turkey rancher once (now deceased) those dumb birds, during rain, would stretch out their necks and open their beaks and look up to the sky until they might drown. Probably knew more than us….but during rain you needed to you out to the pens and yell and even hit them on the head so they’ed put their stupid beaks down and live. Suicide is painless …..yeah right! dru

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