Calfor i a

I was in a place
where i had never
been before

A geographical cure

My best friend
had died
i never got
a chance to say……

Yet i was with
a love
still fresh
and a new

But for how
long this love
would last
one of us knew

I came looking
for something

A life so different
i couldn’t define

I thought i was
strong enough
that it would
help me find

i some how i
became lost

What i was looking for was Danny’s soul

It wasnt fair that i had lost him
It wasnt fair to place him in front of everyone else

No one could fill his shoes
there was no man bigger than he

Still thats what i was looking for

It was such a shock
to my system

I still to this very day
can’t believe how much
i miss him

He was more than just a friend
He was the key to life that i was missing

California was a wash from
job to day one

I chased my tail
till life turned
and said you better go
before you can’t run any more

I didn’t listen
turned a blinds eye

For that i was given a real break down inside

4 walls of white
a hospital
and Rodney King

if that wasn’t bad enough
the earth started to shake

How i cried
so I packed
and barely
said my
good byes

To this day its all a bad dream that i keep
because of the love of one
who i never said a true good bye

6 thoughts on “Calfor i a

  1. I don’t know..if you realize..but you are a master of take your heart, soul, and feelings..and leave those reading just stopped…a gift sheldon.. you have a gift.. peace, alex

  2. I offer this, your friend never left, he is part of you, your spirit , he lives in you. So say Hello, instead of goodbye. There have been numerous occasions in my life where I felt I should try the geographical cure, only to learn , that I take my damn brain everywhere I go! 🙂

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