Cannon Shots

For the Earth who sustains
For the heart who cries
For the child who listens
Deep with in a poets mind

Ice castles
some where…..
Lies a fortress
where i can go
But can not hide
For a castle keep
are stones that
may crumble

3 thoughts on “Cannon Shots

  1. If this is a reference to all those Cannon Shots let loose in the Middle East, yes, its come out well, as the destruction is portrayed loud and clear pinpointing the sheer hopelessness of the miserable situation – keep it up!

  2. Oh…I love this one… Ice castles and stones crumbling… all within a poets mind…the heart who cries and a child who me…love it…love u… alex

  3. Thank you Alex,you know the magic happens between1/5am,thats about all I can say,with passion as my pen I can write all day,it happen this past Sunday where I pushed a lot out,thats way I didn’t post on Monday,it happens that way with my art,I have so many pieces to finish I can’t begin to know where to start,it’s mind boggling the amount of stuff I work on at one time,thank you again Alex

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