I’ve seen to many faces

I’ve never asked to be

The Editor of life or

The Supreme janitor

Who’s vacuum could

suck whom ever,no one

Is allow the affordability

who do you think

You are,shit caught

In between your


Bbq on your collar

They were called Coconut

Party’s,Pedro was the inside

Man,hot today,chili tamale

I saw many Yellow faces

Stiffs being carried out

Most people only read what

I’ve seen,just a little more

morphine and she’ll be…….

Light flash before my eyes

Death always seems to have

The wrong conception

mayo on white bread

And calling that a

Corned beef sand-

which,a living will

I ask you,death doesn’t

Have an expiration date

And that corn beef sandwich

Comes with russian

Dressing & cole slaw

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