8 thoughts on “Cold Turkey

  1. I really wish I could send you some RSO (essential oil of cannabis, aka Rick Simpson Oil). I, too, suffer from chronic hip & joint pain, for which the medicos addicted me to opioids (Norco) for nine years. It lost its effectiveness, & I started using cannabis to help, whereupon the ‘doctors’ (i.e. big pharma shills) ripped me off them over the course of 2015. Now I use ONLY cannabis, & it works better than the opioids ever did, as well as helping heal the conditions causing the pain, all with NO side effects….

    It’s a crime our government has known about this since the early twentieth century, & deliberately lied to the public about it. They’ve known since 1972 cannabis cures cancer, as well, but, shit-canned the research reports proving it so Big Pharma could try to synthesize it into a pill… which they’ve been unable to do, as the plant works better than anything they’ve come up with…

    I hope you find some peace brother; the pain sucks, though, in truth, we have no better teacher on the subject of living in balance….

    Buean suerte, amigo….


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