I never asked this question before,it seem simple enough. Yet what appears simple at first becomes more complex. But this was a chance I couldn’t pass up. Why not challenge the fear. I had nothing to lose. As I sat beside fear, my body was still and frozen. This was all very new to me. I had wanted this for more years than I wish to count. Now the fear is standing right in front of me. I feel conflicted, lost , and confused. Then there’s this bright flash of light that goes on inside my mind. I can see the fears body,I grab it’s waist from behind

and start to shake it with all the strength I can mustard. There’s is an uncertainty with this strength of mine,yet a rush of adrenalin keeps me

going. I can’t wait to see the fears response,I keep…… In the back of my mind I keep saying that this is change. This is what I’ve been resisting because I know the comfort of fear. I don’t know change. Then all of a sudden all stops shaking. What was adrenaline becomes tears. What appear as fear is now gone. I slowly begin to understand its not fear. It was emotion all a long. A calm comes over me. I begin to relax. A smile from ear to ear.I can feel it in my face.I have survived change. I have challenged my fear

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