Corn Raisin

  • 20170524_100923
  • Have we brought the farm
  • Is this the soil to be tilted
  • Man and his wisdom
  • Is not wiser for his seeds
  • Have we brought the farm
  • Is this the same soil of once
  • Before there was a farm
  • Who’s land was this
  • All is foreign till someone speaks
  • The language is clear
  • For the words sow it’s seeds
  • Gently w/0 consideration
  • The opening scene
  • A man with an axe
  • Had blood on his hands
  • Have we brought the farm
  • For reasons that have been presented
  • The one who brought the farm was……& for this
  • The farm will be returned to a time when the farm was silent and didn’t speak
  • ———————-
  • London is calling
  • With great sadness
  • We will try to listen and imagine
  • The hate that are now the white lines

2 thoughts on “Corn Raisin

  1. there is so much sadness in the world, probably always was but, the internet has made us aware of it such, that it is difficult to comprehend the scale of it all.

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