Crazy for You

I know you think I’m crazy

But I’ve been called worst

once or twice before

It’s you that makes me crazy

You’re driving me

when I know I’ve been driven

I can’t go another day without you

So if you can’t come

at least call

If I have to sit and wait

till you come home

just to hear you say

You’re a crazy man for thinkin

that you would be mine

It’s been said once or twice before

I’m crazy for the sake of your love

Cause I’m crazy in love with you

You can’t drive someone who has been driven

I’m on my hands and knees beggin

It’s the last time I’m sayin

Crazy for you

Is still


Crazy for your love


I woke up with the Temptations song in my head

Ain’t to Proud to Beg

So this is what I came up with

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