Darkest Hour

In the darkest hour
I see someone needin
While my guitar gently…….
I don’t know why someone could be hurtin
Yet all I see is their hand is out
People seem to be walkin w/0 concern
This is not the kind we have seen
with new sneaks and dirty jeans
This is the kind of darkness that needs
While my guitar gently………
I don’t know how the world keeps turnin
While there are people hurtin
How the rest of us are livin
While so many more are dyin
This is why we are where…….
This is why
This guitar gently weeps

14 thoughts on “Darkest Hour

  1. This weeping guitar weeps more deeply every day…I have lost the plot; how is it possible that suffering is the norm and we are being conditioned to ignore it and go our way gaily and smiling brightly. We are seen as slightly cranky when you stop and give some poor beggar a few pennies. It is an upside down world.
    Great words from the Sheldon perspective as per so often.

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