3 thoughts on “Death On 51st

  1. This was a time in my life that cause me a lot of pain
    There were situations and circumstances that were more life lessons than I needed to learn
    When my parents died it took me to the edge almost to the point of no return,I was very alone,there were too many questions without answers,
    This piece was written so I could begin to heal
    I could go on but……….
    I know you have love in your heart Izza but I just woke up,I can feel the tears in my eyes
    Maybe another time

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    When I was cleaning out my storage unit I found a note from my mother
    With my name on it stating
    I know that this will be hard on you at first
    But we all will be watching over you
    This sent me into such a tail spin I am still trying to deal with it all
    The poem I am working on is not finished so l thought l would bring this one out

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