Debbie and Carrie


No one really knows how long your walk will last

The path with its twists and turns

And than there are those

Where the walk……..

Your face press against the window pane

Looking for signs of life

no one really knows how long the love will last

even with your wantsome heart

You looking into the mirror

With the smile looking back

You pet the dog

Give a hug to say goodbye

But do you know when the walk is over

When your body is beyond tired

wouldn’t you love to feel your heart full of love

But in life’s infinite wisdom

No one knows how long the walk will last


7 thoughts on “Debbie and Carrie

  1. I didn’t know about the son/brother; I keep thinking about CF’s daughter, who’s probably reeling.

    I also keep thinking about what a shitty person I am to be hit so hard in the feels by this, while thousands are dying in Aleppo and elsewhere; but we don’t _represent_ them, and pass it along, so we feel nothing, and act not. I am guilty.

    Memento mori, though: none of us knows how long he or she will last.

  2. there isn’t a blueprint for how to feel
    death comes to each of us different
    Maybe this is your Aleppo
    Maybe this was your final straw
    In other words
    We feel cause were human
    Not just because that what humans do
    Rest easy my friends
    The Sheldon Perspective

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