Desert Inn

Agenda alamode

No Mr Kleeman,Sorry Mr Kleeman,Can not do that Mr Kleeman sometimes the solution is the problem,Sorry Mr Kleeman,The insurance company won’t recognize you unless you have had the migraines for six months,it was as though I wasn’t there yesterday,then I had to deal with the dermatologist5/6 phone calls all for the same thing my psoriasis,I cried so last night,yes men cry and eat quiche,so get over it,I thought by going to the pain clinic I was going to get further but instead I’m eating dust at the Desert Inn,this is a full time job and I want to as they say quit

7 thoughts on “Desert Inn

  1. How much pain is enough? Why six months? They should try it. I doubt they could stand a day of pain. Don’t give up Sheldon. Yes, I understand the self health care is a full time job. Go team Sheldon!

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