The hidden high sign

The secret hand shake

Only a few of us who know

Odd Fellows make strange

bed fellows,would join a club that

Would let you me member

I do belong but I may not say a word

The words that are spoken are hidden

In that imaginary space in between

The lines,I had the MRI yesterday, I had

Such a good time,I made another

Appointment to have another one

I got an early call this morning

Telling me I have to see the dr

Tomorrow afternoon, it would

Of been nice if they would of told me

What was wrong, But that would

Mean the dr had a bedside matter

This dr doesn’t even come close

With a please or a thank you

I’m due for a break but it

Does seem like that’s going

To happen anytime soon

I Thank the gods for the words

I write,You’ll never know how grateful

I am, for w/0 them I would be

playing & singing, for I am the


Just looking & hoping for some help

8 thoughts on “Directional

  1. Had my first MRI last week, luckily no panic attack…haven’t had the courage to call about the results even though it was just precautionary (although the doctor let the word tumor slip over his lips)

  2. I love the part where you said you had such a good time you had to have another one! This reminds me of a bone scan I had a couple of years ago. 45 minutes lying totally still with a lid over me about 3 inches above my nose. Luckily it slowly moved toward my feet and when my head came out, a sigh of relief. I got a look at my whole skeleton. It’s good to know your insides are inside where they ought to be. I hope for the same for you.

  3. For me the biggest problem is that I had this image of myself in my mind,that now no longer exists
    Being proactive is not easy
    Apart of me is lost and I am desperately trying to find my spirit again

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