Don't Foget

When you come
Don’t forget the
Just remember to
Keep the thrones
For your words
The head stone
Is stayin
When it gets to….
It’s keeps the
sweat from  drippin
And the peddles remind me
How many times I stole a kiss
While I waited
For your words to fall
Like those broken dishes
Too many times you came
To say…
I’m tried and I just
want to sleep
Not today
Just come and bring the roses
Cause smellin is better than
Arguin with you

7 thoughts on “Don't Foget

  1. a new and interesting take on roses my friend, I’ve always been preferential to wildflowers, more spirited. No headstones….although they are a cool canadian band I saw live back in the day….many moons ago…many many moons….Peace and flowers, K

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