Don’t Owe Me

The world don’t owe

me to live in

Though I came knocking

i could leave kicking

Even though the bill comes due

doesn’t mean I gona pay on time

Time is all I have

It’s all i got

I’m  the one wearing the watch

just watch it doesn’t stop ticking

The world don’t

owe me

to live in

I came looking

I’ll leave looking

That’s why this

door swings

both ways

I can hear someone


the phone is ringing

But it doesn’t mean

I gona answer

Cause i never

know till i

pick it up

It could be a


And i answer

the call

Even though i

wasn’t listenin

The world don’t

owe me

a livin

Broken back

Just as long

As I  can

walk and rest

in between

What they call

Life and death

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