Doves Wings

If your body casts a shadow
how much more doubt
do you need
What hell do I care
if the song wasn’t
meant to be heard
That’s why a
mystery is just that
The untold stories
and secrets
of the Quiet Storm
He is dead
And his ashes
are gone
with the wind
His spirit
will carry a
doves wing
Let me have
my story of
the man I
once knew
Not the story
you want me
to know as
the man who
would be

12 thoughts on “Doves Wings

    1. This whole Prince thing has got me bug
      I have this image of him in my mind
      And I don’t want it to be disrupt
      That’s how this one came about
      Tell Boeta I said hello
      Thank you for visiting

  1. The fact of the matter is the man was a genius
    And anytime you’ve got that
    They have to know what made him tick
    They do it all the time
    It’s really the way of the world
    And there God dam rules

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