Dresser Drawer

20170815_042209Sometimes the answer

Is staring you right

In your face but

you still refuse……

The intangible or the

Mirror of answers

I’ve been to this dresser

Mirror so many times,This

Dresser of decision, yet

Denial plays the drawer

As I rifle through to find….

Rubbing my eyes not

believing what I am

Seeing,that not believing

Has almost taken me out

That denial is a Mirror

The willingness of


That shirt of Observation

with patience as

A pair of socks

Doesn’t make Life..

It’s that crashing

sound that startled

Because this time

the mirror was

not suppose

but this time life…..

Time was the decider

This time the mirror broke

One thought on “Dresser Drawer

  1. Reflections and mirrors, so full of memories. My mum told me, if you broke a mirror it was worth seven years of bad luck, hmmm, I must’ve broken more than one……

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