Drunk Mad

Singing Stark Raven Blues its still the night all the pictures have gone missing all the ones I use to fight the her power with forgotten accept the one where she’s holding me in her arms in a caring & smiling way for god knows who but I know now it wasn’t for me I was always an after thought the milkmans decision he said milk or fumunda cheese, she had none she wasn’t interest in dairy products she wanted what the milkman had after it was all said and done her physical is gone but mentally she is alive and well living in my opposing corner fists of fire fists of rage fists of abuse ready with a right hook dirty she was sometimes if it wasn’t her fists it was her cat of nine tails till one day we hide it because we had found it by mistake after that misfortune she had found other ways she thought she could abuse said spared with the best and if that wasn’t good she would use me or my brother back then they didn’t call it abuse they called it being drunk mad

Just loosening up
This is part real and some parts were made up but she did abused us
She needed something to take her edge off

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