Exhausted from the………

Sweat pouring as through I was….

I grabbed the remote looking for some diversion,but it was the same as it always was

a long walk,off a short pier,just once I  wanted a return on my long term investment,yet life wasn’t showing any signs of growth,any maturity,there wasn’t any diversion,it was reruns of the Stooges and I couldn’t find a laugh

7 thoughts on “Ed TV

      1. I weary about new ones… I’ve stopped taking my painkillers , made me feel like a rat infested rubbish tip. Doing more exercises, physio-therapy, and trying acupuncture. Hope you new stuff goes ok.

  1. My quality of life has suffered so
    I can’t begin to say how bad all of this has made me feel
    I am going on three years of this craziness,and everyone seems to think its all right to be in constant pain and I get no say in the matter,I’m just really tired
    As Sheldon Always

  2. I often wonder how medics really work out which drug combinations are a) safe and b) effective. Have the side effects or cancelling out aspects of multiple drugs been properly clinically analysed? I have ended up in hospital several times through drugs reacting adversely. It is never alright to be in constant pain. Maybe (yet another) medic?

    1. We in the states have these pharmacies
      That track your meds and they will tell you
      What you should or shouldn’t
      Have a peppermint Christmas for you and the Mrs, I’m going away for a.much needed rest thanks for stopping by Andrew

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