Edison Electric


Spirit is not blk or wht

It’s not a present with a bow

Saying not until Christmas

It’s not a person running

After you saying here are your…….

It’s not transfordable you

can’t do as you pleas………

Its not Inside your refriger…….

Or the new asphalt roof

That was just put on your

house,crazy is as crazy does

stop to think,How does

the energy live in/w

or w/0 It’s not affordability

We all must have,just being

grateful is not enough

Or whats is or isn’t inhabitable

The quicker you find the

Out the better off you’ll be

Thousand Islander

or green goddess

Count your blessings on one hand

And pass the peas

It’s time likes these the pain

In my knee isn’t feeling so…….

I wasn’t going to post after

Post about how I am feeling

or not North Korea is like trying

To a drunk person,you can’t

So who’s the baby now

There are

tears & than

There are the


of scary clown

I thought I did that pretty good

Trying to tie the both together

“The Sheldon Perspective ”



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