Edith Lake Wilkinson

I feel like I know her

An artist in her own rite

She was put away

committed to an institution

because she lived outside

the lines of life

Yet there was a unseen

body of work

Both art & her mind

waiting to be discovered

Yet in times of ignorance

she slipped through

the cracks of life

Given no choice of her own

Forgotten about

Her art work got put

a way along with herself

You see

unfortunately as it is

this happens now

as it did in the 20s

Sometimes used as a rusty tool

mental illness is common

as it is still a practice

They chose to look beyond

till someone

found her art work

She will only be

remember for

her art

What ever else she was

is foreign as she was distant


From what I could find out

She inherited a great sum of money

from her parents death

The lawyer in charge of the estate was a crook

and was slowly stealing the money

She was living with another woman

and was romantically involved

Back then in the 20s money , artist,and living with another woman equalled mental illness

especially if there was people looking closely

Sad but “true”

5 thoughts on “Edith Lake Wilkinson

  1. I applaud your work and your tribute to an artist and to an illness so misunderstood and abused in her own time and even now. She lives now in those that bring her work to the light. Artists and poets often write or paint outside the lines. They are rarely understood in their own times.

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