20161113_140440how does one live when once is now again who was he,where did he live a shadow of a man is still a child of once
They push you and you recoil
Into the fetus position,a bumpy ride is the one when you feel the cars floor board vibrating as bump calls out the make and the model of the car its been so long that all I can do sometimes is dream when I would sleep w/0 the subconscious
Pain can you relate or recall,its the placebo effect more emotion then the pain you know what not to do,not what to do pain is more of a mistake than a given doors are for opening the handles of Uncertainty this action of apprehension
There’s always the rats tail a body of work that tells the story
A wondering mind always wanders towards truth finding the ☝ ones
You left behind they are the ones still wandering A jounery once
Will still remain its not who you met along the way but what you wound

………………up learning

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