It’s a test of experience

when you are young

and have none

It’s a text of experience

when you make your bed

with soiled sheets and

still lay down to sleep

What brings us to our knees

to wake us from this deep sleep

where you have to decide

which is experience or ignorance

The answer comes when

we find the path of

experience and

learn to recognize

the lite that makes

it shine

8 thoughts on “Experience

  1. Wonderful insights as usual, dear Sheldon. I ponder this, as I wonder how much chaos I am willing to tolerate in order to live a truly minimalistic lifestyle….what are the things I learn from experience, and what are the things that are simply habits that I have the choice to either accept or to consciously change? And how many times do I have to be hit over the head before I finally GET IT???
    Laura xxx

  2. A lack of experience can equal ignorance only because we haven’t learned something yet. Once we’ve “been there, done that” we know a lot more than we would if we never had the experience. It’s circular logic but it’s also life.

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