Family Of Once

I walk into the field
of the lonely corn stalk
All calling
All with their names
And I wishing
they were still
my family
But the seasons change
& the corn is no longer
with bounty
I am without voice or family
Yes I have made provisions
for the change of seasons
I will not be alone
But the family of once, of child, is no longer
I am still searching for a yield
With the seasons of bounty, the family of once

12 thoughts on “Family Of Once

  1. I like the way you weave in a family with changes of seasons and going full circle to the yield. Keep that corn crib full….either make sour mash? Or feed the cows as needed. Peace and love, another beautiful day as the sun and moon change up place. Always,

  2. Like your earlier commenter, I also like the phrase “family of once.” The extended family I remember from my childhood has now mostly gone too. Most of the older members have passed away and the younger ones simply don’t keep in touch as people once did.

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