FFF 12

It’s that time again when spontaneity takes me to the place of creativity,and I get to write as I listen to music

This time it was a classical violin piece called,”Appassionata”

Now don’t start with me that’s all I know

You’ll have to go to Matt’s blog and checked it out


As always he is the go to guy for all your reading pleasure

Do me a favor and check him out

I give you Appassionata


In terms of endearment

I know why

the heart

is Open


seems to

get boken

Fragile is love

of one’s heart

When left


I just wish

it wasn’t


Though when

at last its found

it can….

In terms of endearment

I know now

why I left

mine open

For she came

and closed

Now the one

in my heart

is stolen

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