FFF 20/hello

It’s that time to rock the pen
To twist the words as though they were my own
Adel has got a new cd out
One of her songs is called Hello
It’s a sad love song
At least that’s what I heard
My friend and fellow blogger Matt
Does this every week
Flash fiction
He is also a go to as to what he believes is good to be reading
Now here is my take on the song Hello
It is called The Purple Rose
Without further ado
Alfonso drum roll I give you……….
She wasn’t as she appear
her likeness was her rose
For she was the only
in a garden of weeds
She kept her thrones
to herself
While the rest
of her beauty
was her fume
I was suppose to
look be never touch
Yet curiosity kept
me coming back
for more
She wasn’t as she appear
Her likeness was her rose
Till one day
When the weeds over took
& now death came
as she was no longer the rose

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