FFF 30 Jealous

It’s that time again
Where I get to dip my toes
Into the cold waters of words
This week’s challenge was
To use a song called Jealous
By an artist named Labrinth
So without further ado
Here’s my take……..
Alfonso please a drum roll
I was to young to know
Too stupid to realize
What I did to your heart
It was to much about……
and not enough about you
The winds of change had
caught my sails
As the tide came rushing in
Years have passed
As I flipped through
the pages of the
unfinished book
The word sorry
is feeble for
those pages
that can’t be turned
I was too young to…….
And to stupid to know
A broken heart can’t be……..
Yet I need for you to know
My heart still speaks
For those words you didn’t hear

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