FFF16 Happiness

There’s nothin better

than a happy man


When he’s feeling it

Those others are

Feelin happy too


Comes and goes


When the man

Shows his face

Then happiness

Knows it’s

Found its place

He can take

His knocks

Better than most


Those knocks

Ain’t got

Enough knock

To move this

Happy man’s


There’s nothin

Better than

A happy man

Cause when he’s




Happy people too


It’s that time again for flash fiction

Where I go crazy

And I try to do the impossible

I missed my mark 28 words short

Buuuuuuuut to match that song By pharrell

Happiness ain’t easy

Matt by fellow blogger and friend

over at bookblogger2014.wordpress.com

Is the host with the most

If your looken to read he can tell you what you need

As always Sheldon

Aka The Professional Cannon

4 thoughts on “FFF16 Happiness

  1. For some reason my mind read this in a ‘rapping’ style!? No matter I suppose, but curious to myself. Anyhow, the words flows in a lovely fashion on this blustery British morning. I thank you.

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