FFF26/One Day……….

So it’s that time when I ink the paper
When I turn a song inside out
And as they say twist the nite away
So it’s flash fiction time
I’m using a song called “One Day Like This”
By an artist called Elbow
Now I have to give props to Matt
My friend and fellow blogger over at
He is the go to guy for all things books,words
And substance of matter
So without further ado
Alfonso drum roll
“One Day Like This”
It seems as though
With every nite
There’s still another day
At least when your young
The best is yet to come
Even when the nite before
You stuck your neck out
And someone cut you off
Waking from that nite
I choose to sleep
Then from that nite
Comes the sun of a new day
Today seems different Though
As though the nite did not exist
Not even the hair of the dog
Even going to that 2 bite job
Cause when your young
At least the best is yet to come

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