FFF35 Knights

As its been said,
when the pen is pushin
You gots to keep spellin
So it’s been a rollercoaster
Ride today words just a flyin
And my face has gone twitchin
It’s that time when Matt
At thebookblogger2014
Gives us a challenge
God I never heard of the song
Before today it’s by Muse
The Knights of Cydonia
What I like about this was it’s music
So without further ado
Alfonso drum roll

It wasn’t what I intended
I was just lookin
As I always did
What I found
Was a long
Very Long
No one can tell
You that you
Are wrong
When you are
Because until
You find
What it is
That you are after
There’s no stoppin
Accept I never found
Cause every time
I went searchin
It became different
So the search continue
Cause my intention
Was keep lookin
So as long as I didn’t find I just kept searchin

9 thoughts on “FFF35 Knights

  1. Sounds like a rollercoaster or carousel to me….I love both…have never heard the song…now I gotta stop to have a look-see….that’s good I guess, as long as it’s good…just like your words….always keeps me going….round and round and up and down….oh no lets go….not letting the elevator break me down….wired with the lightning….makes me feel alive…my bad, sorry….now I expect three more…..I’m waiting, watching and sending chimes to help you along.
    Peace and love,

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