FFF40 Every


For every breathe you take

There’s another one waiting

For every risk……..

There’s another one you’re afraid of

Life isn’t a control Experiment

For every problem

There’s another one waiting to be solved

If your man enough,you tighten your belt

If your a woman you take off your ring

For every breathe you take

For every risk

As long as……

Life is waiting for you

Now if my count is correct

This one is number 40

That’s rite ladies and gentlemen it’s flash fiction

This week it’s Sting and the Police

“For Every Breath”

The host as usual is my friend and fellow blogger Matt

He’s mister book,and always has a few you should be reading

His blog thebookblogger2014 is worth your time to check out

So here’s my take with a Sheldon twist

For I am The




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