Flipped or not


Born under a bad sign

I was darkness before

It become envogue,I knew

It’s switch before I ever

Had its power,a man who

Constantly pushes the

Envelope is not consider

Male but the evil will

Deliver 7 days a week

But I came through the

Darkness,of course the

Hows and the whys are

Important but that’s not

Why I’m writing this,why

It’s because I am questioning

Those who flipped but never

COME back,instant INSANTIY

w/0 any guarantees of Redemption

Or the basic principles of LIFE

“The principles Greatness can only

Achieve by applying fear&uncertainty”

I heard a story about someone

I was close to at a point in my

Life and he flipped and never

Came back,this person had

Everything,decided to take

The turn and never look back

It saddens me to know this

And there’s nothing I can do

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