The subject of forgiveness has a different meaning for everyone
I’ve been working on this for a very long time
Because I can’t carry it any more
The pain,the anger,the weight of it all
I’m sixty years plus,there’s only so much I can carry,it’s a lonely place to be if can’t forgive
So I am opening up for a dialog with this piece
The words I speak are the tears that are flowing
This has hit me hard today for reasons I can’t explain
So here is my take on forgiveness
You can’t teach forgiveness
You can’t learn it either
There is a place somewhere in between
where forgiveness starts to occur
When your mind is full of anger
And your heart aches from all that pains
You slowly begin to understand
that forgiveness is close at hand
But when you begin you grasp at straws
Because you want results quick
For the pain is all to much
But when you let go of the straws
You begin to fell the weight shift
It’s a transformation
When the mind and the heart begin to see
That forgiveness is the only way
You can truly heal

13 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. I needed to hear this today. I have used up way too much of my energy in hate. While I don’t think some people deserve to be forgiven, I think you and I deserve to have lives that are not soaking in acid all the time. I need to just let go. I can’t change the situation I’ve lived with for 62 years. I will never be able to change it. Why can’t I just let it go, and go on to more productive things?

  2. It is tough and a lot where I was coming from is exactly where you are coming from
    There’s still always a bridge you can cross,it’s rough ,it’s hard,but these are the cards we are dealt

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