As the clock ticks down towards the hour when night slowly approaches    I can feel the anxiety start to kick in   The crawling of the hours when the night seems the worst   As I slipped through the cracks in the floor   My brain becomes liquid, melting right before my eyes   Panic flowing   Racing with every beat of my heart    What seems logical or rational   Becomes an obstacle   What is the “it”   I keep asking myself   As I keep asking   My hand makes a fist   I can feel my finger nails go right through the other side   I keep asking myself   The more I ask   The more my fist tightens   I see myself rather than be myself   I become the first of my fears
It’s Freeze
“And for heaven sake don’t ask me how I am”
“This was a writing exercise”

18 thoughts on “Freeze,Flight,Fright

  1. You’ve captured the very essence of an anxiety attack from your potent words to your intense collage art! I read your work over and over; getting more out of it each time. Superb writing, Sheldon. I got goosebumps! xo

  2. A very good exercise at that, artistically amazing my friend. I know the hand thing, I awake with them feeling like I punched a piece of meat, aching from sleep flexing….or the dog dragging me by her leash and me in the death grip. Happy Easter my friend,

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