From A Dream It Spoke

When you are growing and trying to find your niche, the last thing you need to hear is that what you are doing will never amount to anything

You need to start thinking about something else

Encouragement was not a word used at all, and if it was ,

The word was to softly spoken or just not said enough

I was on a train but kept missing my stop

Yes now that I’ve grown and can look in the face of all those “I”s

I can see my work and what it means to me, I can feel it when I am done a piece

My heart sings when the words dance across the page

To all who said…………

I thank you

To all of you who have encourage me and supported,

I say you are Welcome

(Look this one is for me, it’s not about anyone else, I repeat, this one is for me…………….)

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