Walking passed the door

There was that undeniable

Smell,it’s a mentical

As though someone

Was smelting copper

A very old age of

Death,but you see

There isn’t a # to

Antiquate death

I was the lone survivor

Taking names making

Dam sure I wasn’t a

Person who was invited

I had no other choice

But to stand there watching

As 7 men in blue carried

The lone who was at the

Bottom of the step as

Rigamortis was the

Hands of time that

stopped this watchful


2 thoughts on “Frozen

  1. hey hun…
    imma eating chicken noodle soup n grilled ham n cheese sandwich…well made it and stomach not wanting it lol…
    imma here for you… hope your soup n chips were good…
    Huuuuggggs n ♥

  2. Hope those dreadful Cybermen dressed in blue, didn’t hurt you too much. I’m having a late breakfast, just cereal is all I can stomach, after my Thursday evening sesseion !!

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