Gang Daddy


Being a father

There isn’t one

Thing I can say


Have taken a blank

Canvas and have

Painted what I believe

A scene from life,I am

Not a perfectionist,there

Thin spots in the canvas

Where I just couldn’t

Get it right,but that wasn’t

Being a perfectionist,that

Was the Sheldon in me

Pure unadulterated and

To the bone,Hannah is

Growing so fast I can’t

Keep up,she is doing 11th

Grade math in 5th grade,no I’m not

Kidding,but that’s who she is…….

So today she is playing in her

First basketball game,God

This isn’t happening I just

Wish she was in her high

Chair and I could sing to her

“Ain’t to proud to beg”

And she would say, gang,gang,daddy


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