Garlic Bread and Meatballs

There was this
italian restaurant
where i used to work

With all its tickiness
checked table cloths,
murals on the walls
with people
eating grapes

But most of all
it was the people
who i worked for
Lillian and Alfonso

Lillian who spoke
broken english
who called me
Tony because
she couldn’t
say Sheldon

She said it
was my jet black hair
that back then
i wore greased
and chewed on
the end of
my cigarette

And Alfonso
who kept time
with a broken watch
and drank water down
ginger ale

We worked into the
we hours
into the nite

Listening to Frank
The station of
the Stars

Telling jokes

For life as we
knew it were
these 4 walls
and didn`t want
what life had
beyond what we
had created

For the smells
of Gralic bread
and Meat balls
were the walls

13 thoughts on “Garlic Bread and Meatballs

  1. If that place was still around I would still be working sadly it’s not and neither is Lillian is Alfonso,they were truly what life was or should be made from,don’t get me started I could go on and on,I miss them so

  2. Lillian and Alfonso were the parents I never had,it’s unfortunate but they are no longer with me,two of greatest people who you would of wanted to me,she would call me in a packed restaurant on a Saturday nite for the other end Tony I need,at the top of her lungs,she was priceless

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