Gates of Uncertainty 3/6

” Mr Segal , what are your questions?” ” Did I ask you a question?” ” No Mr Segal but …” “But what then?” ” If you get past the gates,Mr Segal, there is only one direction you can go.”  ” Yes ” says Segal.” Mr  Segal,even if you were told, you must still decide .” Segal I still listening. ” Mr Segal, you will find the pools of illusion where all questions….. Mr Segal…Mr Segal…..”

Segal’s mind feels the sensation of the voice’s warmth, and relaxes. Segal begins to proceed to the next level of understanding. Segal had to pay too high of a price for the threads of life to discount all that stood before him. Segal has to stop and listen to his wantsome mind, then go to the pools of illusion. The conception of all that stood before him was not the problem, but his fears. Segal had already made up his mind. How else would Segal have gotten this far? Segal had not been talking back at his fears like Segal  was supposed to be doing. Segal knew better about his mind than anyone else. Segal always knew that to control his mind was the only way to handle his fear.

” Mr Segal, wake up, it’s time for….”What now?” Oh no, I am not eating that. It looks like…… ” Mr Segal , I thought that you mite be hungry?” ” Hungry for what? That doesn’t look like anything I …..” ” Now, Mr Segal, you don’t have to use that tone of voice with me. I merely wanted to know…” ” Now what?” Listen you do not need to know anything. You already know what it is I need because you can see my mind mouthing the words. Besides if l wanted to hear voices all I have to do is to stop taking my  medicine and to my recollection I did not. Why don’t you show me your face?. “Mr Segal, you know that is impossible.

(Ah ah don’t touch that dial, keep it rite there Segal will return.)

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